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Seeing learning from my students' point of view

Ann loves numbers, and even completed her teacher training in Maths. Now she wants to motivate others to improve like she did.

What made you think about brushing up on your number skills?

I came across the online assessment tool, the Challenge, alongside completing my teacher training in maths. I’d be going on to teach students so I wanted to know what their challenges might be and how I could best support them. Once I started my role, I always encouraged all my learners to check their number skills using the same tool as well.

Were you nervous at all?

Yes of course! Like a lot of people, even though I've been doing maths for a long time, I was essentially a new student. I had to ask myself, will I know the terminology? Will I understand the questions? It’s hard getting your head around new types of learning these days.

How has improving your number skills helped you in daily life?

It has helped my entire career. I use the skills I learnt every day, in my own life, and to help my students. It also helped me complete my CPD so that I could go on to become a functional skills maths teacher. I can now teach my learners in the best way possible because I can see it from their point of view.

What advice would you give others?

I would recommend everyone to give the online Challenge tool a go. Anyone can do it. So many people need this tool - I have my digital badge as my screen saver to remind myself of my achievement! I really noticed the strong difference between GSCE level maths you get taught at school and the everyday problem-solving skills within the online Challenge tool.

It isn’t there to make you feel like you need the answer to algebra and hard-core mathematics, but instead, knowing how you're going to figure out the answer to everyday numerical problems, and in a way that works best for you.

I can now teach my learners in the best way possible because I can see it from their point of view"