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Numeracy skills are critical for individual, business and economic success and we also recognise that poor numeracy skills can be a key barrier to social mobility - which is why we are committed to joining with National Numeracy to make the inaugural National Numeracy Day a huge success.

KPMG have been helping to improve social mobility across the UK for over 20 years and last year, through citizenship activities we directly supported 17,344 individuals and 80% of volunteering efforts focused on social mobility related projects. Our work in this area tackles three key barriers that hold people back in life: poor numeracy skills, poor literacy skills and limited opportunities for  lifelong learning.

We believe that these three key areas are building blocks for success and will drive opportunity for people from lower socio-economic backgrounds across the UK. As trusted advisers, part of our core business is to monitor the health of the economy and we know that the country’s productivity levels and future success is being hampered by poor basic skills.

Confidence is key in overcoming these barriers. Public attitudes towards maths and numbers are overwhelmingly negative and people don’t recognise that they can improve their skills. Through National Numeracy Day we want to change this and are encouraging everyone in the UK to check they have the Essentials of Numeracy and then, if needed, take steps to improve. We are working with our suppliers and encouraging them to check they have the Essentials of Numeracy, and our employees are rolling out National Numeracy Day across our partner schools.

Our aim is to help thousands of people to take action to improve their numeracy over the next year. We hope you’ll join us.