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National Numeracy Day - 15th May 2019

Help us empower the nation through numbers

Half of all working-age adults in the UK struggle with using numbers. Many people are just getting by when they could be getting ahead.

National Numeracy Day is a celebration of numbers and how we use them in everyday life. It brings together individuals, employers, educators and supporters from across the UK to show the importance of numbers and the benefits of using them more effectively.

Be part of the movement

Last year, thanks to the backing of our supporters, over 25,000 people took steps to improve their numeracy. This year, with your support, we hope to reach even more.

As a supporter of National Numeracy Day, your organisation will be at the forefront of the Day, helping us raise the profile of the campaign, spreading the word to your communities, customers and staff and ultimately improving the nation's numeracy.

For more information on our support options and to get involved please contact Stevie Robinson at 


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National Numeracy Day 2018

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What is the issue?

Find out more about the impact of poor numeracy in the UK.

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National Numeracy Day Impact Report 2018

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To find out more about the impact of National Numeracy Day and the success of the campaign read our 2018 report.

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Martin Lewis opening LSE on National Numeracy Day 2018